Prof. Seok Ho Song

Office: Natural Science Building, Room# 410

Address: Department of Physics, Hanyang University,

Wangsimni-ro 222, Songdong-gu, Seoul 04763, South Korea

Phone: +82-2-2220-0923 E-mail:




Non-Hermitian (Complex-index) Nanophotonics Layout of Optics Lab



Our recent research activities are mainly focused on Non-Hermitian (NH) Nanophotonics that expands the conventional resonance-based nanophotonics to the conceptually far-reaching open-system domains where various unusual physical effects take place with manifestation of anti-linear symmetry groups, exceptional-point singularities, topological parametric structures, complex energy-spectral chirality, and associated broadband time-asymmetric operations. We explore, in both theory and experiments, various strongly-interacting open-system configurations provided by optical gains, losses, scattering, radiative inter-modal coupling, and mixed direct/indirect feedback structures.


The previous nanophotonics researches are conventionally on optical properties of nanostructured systems on a 2-dimensional plane of real permittivity and real permeability (εreal, μreal). Here, imaginary parts of permittivity and permeability (εimag, μimag) are regarded as minor factors that only cause monotonic amplification or attenuation of light. There have been numerous technological discoveries and advances in this viewpoint that treats nanophotonic systems as governed by the conventional Hermitian Hamiltonians. However, it has many limitations for applications in practice, such as narrow operation band, high loss properties, and reciprocity restrictions, to mention just a few.


If we extend the two-dimensional permittivity and permeability plane into a three-dimensional complex space as shown on the right-hand side of the left Figure, dynamics describing photonic systems follow non-Hermitian (NH) Hamiltonians in general and can cause completely new properties which do not appear in the Hermitian systems. For example, spontaneous symmetry-breaking phase transition, exceptional-point (EP) singularities, and associated unusual effects are presently attracting a great deal of academic attention along this line. Our proposal on the NH nanophotonics is strongly motivated in this consideration and we expect new device-operation principles and concomitant applications because of unique characteristics of NH systems including non-conserving nature (loss compensation or quantum-jump-like selection of least attenuating states), broadband properties of topological effects (dynamically encircling an EP), and unidirectional properties (one-way diffraction, reflection, absorption, and transmission), in stark contrast to the conventional Hermitian nanphotonics grounded in essentially frequency-selective coherent multiple-scattering and subsequent localization effects.


Our research aims to establish pioneering subjects pertaining to unexplored territories between non-Hermitian quantum mechanics and conventional nanophotonics technology. Toward this end, we introduce NH dynamics for open quantum systems as a new theoretical tool, explore complex-valued potential configurations realized in photonics systems, potentially discover new NH-photonic properties, and finally establish robust foundations of NH nanophotonic structures and elements as a promising device class for the next generation optical systems in numerous technology areas.



BD15276_Prof. Song

(1984) BS, Dept. of Physics, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea

(1989) Ph.D, Dept. of Physics, KAIST (Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Seoul, Korea

(1989-1997) Senior Researcher, ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute), Korea

(1997-present) Professor, Department of Physics, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea


BD15276_Post Doc.

(Dr. Youngsun Choi), Non-Hermitian photonics

(Dr. Jongkyun Hong), Non-Hermitian electronic circuits for photonics



(Gunpyo Kim), Non-Hermitian photonics

(Minjeong Kim), Non-Hermitian 2nd stopband photonics

(Hyungju Rah), 3D waveguide display

(Younghwa Ryu), Geometric-phase micro-nano optics

(Jonghyuk Park), Geometric-phase non-Hermitian Optics

(Kwangwuk Yu), Non-Hermitian topological photonics

(Kiyoung Lee), Non-Hermitian photonics

(Seungmin Lee), 3D projection display

(Wontae Im), Diffractive optical elements for display

(Jaewoong Ko), Non-Hermitian topological photonics

(Jiwon Ahn), Geometric-phase optics

(Jaesung Jeong), Diffractive optics for laser applications



BD15276_Lectures on Nanophotonics

2019-Introduction to Nanophotonics

1-Second-order stopband and leaky-mode resonator

2-GMR and Topological Photoncs

3-Optical properties of materials-dielectrics and metals

4-Dispersion relation of surface plasmon-polaritons

5-SPP Excitation

6-EM energy density in metals

7-Localized particle plasmons

8-Dispersion relation of metal nanorods and nanotips

9-Dispersion relation of SPPs on thin metal films

10-Dielectric loaded SPP waveguides

11-Metal-Insulator-Metal plasmonic slot-waveguides



BD15276_Special Lectures on Micro-optics, Nano-optics, and SPP Technologies

1.     Micro- and nano-optics based on diffraction effect for next generation technologies

2.     Guided-mode resonance (GMR) effect for filtering devices in LCD display panels

3.     Surface-plasmons: A basic

4.     Surface-plasmon waveguides and biosensor applications

5.     Efficient light emission from LED, OLED, and nanolasers via surface-plasmon resonance

6.     SPP on real metals

7.     SPP on metal-insulator-metal, metal nanorods, metal nanotips

8.     SPP Photovotaics


BD15276_Recent Papers

l  Choloong Hahn, Maude Amyot-Bourgeois, Howard Northfield, Youngsun Choi, Seok Ho Song, R. Niall Tait, and Pierre Berini, Nanofabrication of plasmonic structures on insulating substrates by resist-on-metal bilayer lift-off, Nanotechnology 30, 054003 (December 2018). Abstract

l  Jeong Yub Lee, Yongsung Kim, Seunghoon Han, Jaekwan Kim, Jae Woong Yoon, Ki Young Lee, Seok Ho Song, Kiyeon Yang, and Chang Seung Lee, CMOS-compatible Si metasurface at visible wavelengths prepared by low-temperature green laser annealing, Nanotechnology 30, 045301 (November, 2018). Abstract

l  Joong-Sung Lee, Seung-Jin Yoon, Hyungju Rah, Mark Tame, Carsten Rackstuhl, Seok Ho Song, Changhyoup Lee, and Kwang-Geol Lee, Quantum plasmonic sensing using single photons, Opt. Express 26, 29272 (Oct. 2018). Abstract

l  Jae Woong Yoon, Youngsun Choi, Choloong Hahn, Gunpyo Kim, Seok Ho Song, Ki-Yeon Yang, Jeong Yub Lee, Yongsung Kim, Chang Seung Lee, Jai Kwang Shin, Hong-Seok Lee, and Pierre Berini, Time-asymmetric loop around an exceptional point over the full optical communications band, Nature 562, 86 (September 2018). Abstract

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